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At the Big Ten Conference

September 26, 2005

Tomorrow I am leading a discussion at the Big Ten Government Relations Conference about developing grassroots programs at the federal level.  This topic is extremely important because of the increased pressure the federal budget is facing as a result of the War in Iraq and now Hurricane Katrina.

Every special interest groups will be ramping up pressure to make sure that they are not on the chopping block.  Higher Education institutions will need to follow suit and develop grassroots programs.

Higher Education is in a unique position compared to many groups that lobby because of the large passionate group of constituents/supporters.  Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and parents joining together throughout the country can be a formidable grassroots group.  The challenge for Higher Education is to develop programs that effectively reach out to these groups.

View my presentation here:

The file may take a few minutes to download.


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