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Federal Budget - Good news

November 11, 2005

Good news out of Washington today. The House of Representatives could not get enough votes to pass the budget. The House budget included $14.3 billion worth of cuts to federal financial aid programs.

It is important to note that several House members have heard from constituents on this issue, which shows how the grassroots can work at influencing elected officials. As of now the Public Interest Research group and US Aid Alliance, run by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, have been the only known groups that are actively using grassroots activities to influence Congress.

This good news is most likely only temporary. If history is any indication, the leadership will just end up twisting some arms over the next few days and the current budget will pass. The only way that you can combat that tactic is by turning up the grassroots heat and showing members that voting for these cuts would be a bad political decision.

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