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Truly on demand TV

April 09, 2006

The Washington Post has a great story last week about how, more and more, political campaigns are using online video as a way to distribute messages. Online video is an innovative way to disseminate online content for two reasons:

  1. Creates an emotional connection with the audience
    The emotional connection that online video creates can more effectively deliver your message to your audience. Online video is the convergence between television and the Internet. Online video will be different because this medium is more interactive. In order for this tactic to be successful you must actively engage and interact with the audience.

    Campaigns cannot just take their television advertising and place it on the web and call it an online video. This tactics should be used to complement and supplement e-mail and web copy.

  2. Targets
    Online communication allows visitors to get the information that they want and is thus a great tool for targeting. Gone are the days when you could produce a generic message and expect it to motivate people to action. Now, messages have to be crafted to specific types of constituents in order for the message to resonate.
  3. This targeting will make the public outreach campaigns more efficient and effective at reaching your intended audience.

Online videos are not just tools for political campaigns. They can also provide an easy way for many higher education institutions to distribute messages. These institutions always struggle to get covered by the mainstream media. Online videos would allow institutions to take their unfiltered message straight to the people.

Many higher education communication departments need to reorganize they way they communicate with the public. Their operations need to collect and distribute information to the general public now, not later. They can no longer rely on conventional media to distribute the information for them. By educating grassroots supporters (alumni, faculty, staff, and students), institutions will do a better job of getting their message out the public.


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