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Not getting the media attention that you deserve?

February 14, 2007

Then communicate directly to your audience!  Over the last few weeks many of the presidential candidates having been announcing their candidacies through their web sites.  These online videos have provided an unfiltered vehicle for candidates to communicate to supporters and the public.  All while still receiving large doses of traditional media coverage of their online announcements.

Many higher education institutions struggle to get media attention on the great news that comes out of their institutions, whether that is recent discoveries, examples of students and faculty giving back to the community, or groundbreaking programs.  Unfortunately the mainstream media likes to cover the bad things that happen and that often skews the public perception of higher education institutions.

Now it has become cheap for institutions to distribute their good news directly to key internal and external audiences.  These efforts don’t replace traditional media relations activities; rather, they should be used to complement them.  I have seen institutions send out press releases to the media and watch it get no coverage.  Then a few weeks later the media calls back because the issue is generating interest on the Internet because the same story was pushed out electronically to key audiences.

The presidential campaigns are expanding the possibilities what can be done on the Internet.

The kind of cantankerous, no-holds-barred fight for the White House that has become the norm is bound by the passionate issues, volatile events and news headlines that drive record-breaking traffic on news Web sites, blogs, chat rooms, Internet video and e-mails. It is just the kind of provocative event that will heighten the ways in which consumers access, search, transfer, socialize about and respond to online content from a variety of devices and platforms ranging from iPods, personal computers and Internet-supported mobile phones to IPTV.


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