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Election Wrap-up

November 12, 2007

Last week, voters in Maine and Texas passed referenda that authorized additional bonding for state higher education institutions.  The referendum in Maine passed with 51 percent, and voters approved a $43.5 million bonding package for construction projects at higher education facilities across the state.  Similarly, in Texas 66 percent of voters passed a $500 million bonding reauthorization for student loan programs.

However, not all voters embraced an increase in state barrowing.  For example, New Jersey voters rejected Governor Corzine's proposal to allocate state bond money for stem cell research which would have directed some money to the state public universities.  This measure was similar to the one that passed in California in 2004. Overall, Election Day was a fairly good day for higher education institutions at the ballot box.  In addition to the passage of these referenda questions, a pro-higher education governor was elected in Kentucky.


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