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Lessons Learned from Obama’s Online Strategy

July 17, 2008

Obama has done a great job with using the web to advance his campaign, and his campaigned has successfully embraced a number of best practices. For example, earlier this week there was an instructive article in the New York Times that talked about how one of the founders of Facebook is helping the Obama campaign.   

The article outlines four strategies that have helped them be successful. These strategies are useful lessons for not only campaigns, but also for nonprofits that are trying to mimic the success of Obama online efforts.


These are some great practical strategies that nonprofits and campaigns can employ to develop a more effective online strategy.

Online Users are Politically Active

July 09, 2008

On Monday, Nielsen-Online released a study that found that 89 percent of web users over 18 are registered to vote. "The fact that so many Web users are registered to vote suggests that online campaign efforts will drive results at the polls," said Jon Gibs, vice president, media analytics, Nielsen Online. "Campaigns are no longer dabbling online – we expect a candidate's Web presence to be an integral part of both campaigns," he added.

This study should hopefully wake up all those campaigns out there that don't believe that the web is an important medium to engage voters. The challenge for many campaigns is to figure out how to best engage supporters and voters in this arena.


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