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Legislation Would Give a Boost to State Public Education

March 08, 2010

Journal News

March 7, 2010

With the state's finances at a crisis point, it is time for bold new ideas that will not only get us through these difficult times, but return the State of New York to greatness.

The Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act is an idea of that magnitude. This landmark legislation shields our students and our campuses from the worst effects of the fiscal crisis while maximizing our potential as a driver of economic recovery.

The State University of New York is in the midst of a statewide strategic plan, the goal of which is to revitalize New York's economy while creating a better quality of life in every community. This plan, which will be completed next month, will serve as SUNY's roadmap. But the Empowerment Act will be the enabling legislation for our ambitious vision.

The legislation removes tuition from the state budget, allowing SUNY to expand enrollment and increase access to excellent education opportunities.

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This looks like nothing but a privatization act. The students are paying tuition I see nothing in your act that gives the students more voting power.
The "public private partnerships" are nothing but the privitization of the university. You may have been very careful in your use but I see the free marketeer nut language sprinkled throughout this astroturf supporter of corporate america felonious "act."

I exhort the students to denounce this and to demand power against the state of new york supporting and paying for the federal government's imperialist wars. Let's demand an end to the drug war while we are at it because it is a war against the students, our friends and our families.

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