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SUNY Tuition; A Reasonable Plan from Trustees

April 25, 2011

Watertown Daily Times Editorial

A plan for yearly, modest rate hikes in tuition for the State University of New York gives SUNY and students what is lacking in the present method of setting tuition: predictability.

Tuition for the nearly half-million students at the 64 campuses is controlled now by the state Legislature. Rate hikes are sporadic and subject to political pressures. The last rate hike in 2009 brought tuition to $4,970 a year.

But SUNY did not get all of the rate hike. Most of it was "swept" into the state's general fund rather than going to SUNY, an indirect way of taxing SUNY students to fund state operations.

Over the same time, state aid to SUNY has been slashed.

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Gumrmukh Singh

It good idea to increase tuition to save the SUNY System from collapsing. Thanks for your time!

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